Top Level Navigation

Designed so trading workflow makes sense.

Market provides an overview of the current market from charts to maps.
Watch more detail of selected stocks matching overall outlook.
Find identify opportunities from scans, strategies, outlook and more.
Research gives you all the detail you need on the intuitive Dashboard
Portfolio keeps your accounts, trades and journal in one place.

Score Navigation

There’s more than one way to get the information you want.

Anywhere you see a Score Icon, you can navigate directly to the corresponding function of  Technical Analysis, Inner Circle, Valuation or Fundamental research – with a single click on the icon.

Icon Navigation

More than a picture, icons will help guide you through the trading process.

This graphic shows the function of some of the icons found in The Trade Tool.
Hint: Most icons will display a short description of it’s function or purpose
by hovering the cursor over it.

Chart Navigation

Hovering the cursor over the icons will display it’s function.
In the upper right of the Chart screen, you can select which Chart Profile to research from the drop-down box, then save or delete the profile.


The next set of icons immediately below this gives more charting capabilities: Increase/Decrease price ranges, Reset price range, Hide/Show Navigation Bar, Move the date Back/Forward, Export/Print Chart

Other features include the Navigation Bar (below the chart).  The shaded area corresponds to the chart time period.  Slide one or both tabs of the bar to adjust the time period covered.

The “Hide/Show” button near the top-right of the screen will collapse the Indicator Detail area above the chart.

Brokerage Access

Trade directly with select Brokers.

The Broker menu is located in the lower left corner of the screen and is always accessible. From here you can see your balance, positions, and orders.

There is also an integrated Order Ticket. This can be accessed directly or from any of the “Buy”, “Sell” or “Trade” buttons or from clicking on the Action Icon menu.

Journal Navigation

It’s easy to look up trades.  Choose from Stock symbols, tags used (ex:  #bullCall, #longStraddle), Notes containing certain words or phrases, or date ranges from 1 Day to 1 Year.

On the individual Trade tabs, click the  icon to expand the trade detail.  To edit/add tags, notes,  to the trade entry, click  then ‘save’ when completed.

Once the Trade Tab is expanding , you have additional options:  The “Replay” icon, ,  sends a trade from the Journal to Backtest Analysis.  You can delete a Journal Entry by clicking on .

Navigation Tips

Getting around is easy and intuitive. Here are some hints to help you get around even faster.

Watch Video (8:52)

Other Navigation

Icons = Navigation

The Action (Arrow) icon will provide different actions depending on where you are in the platform.  For example if you are in the Market or Find tab, ‘Detail‘ will provide a Quote Popup. ‘Research‘ will take you to the Dashboard – overview – of the stock. ‘Options‘ will take you to that part of the platform etc.

When in a “Trade Finder Scan” (identified by the  icon), the Action icon choices includes: ‘Analyze Position’ which will take you to the Options tables and/or ‘Trade’ which will lead you to the Order Ticket of the Brokerage Account from the menu.

The Action Icon is also found in the Journal.  Under the “Positions” tab, clicking on the icon allows you to Expand/Collapse details of the trade, Analyze or Close the trade among other choices.