Customize Watchlist Views

Customize Watchlist Views

You have the ability to customize Watchlist Views – based upon criteria you want to see.

Click on the next to “Default” or current view you are on to create a different View.

If/When you want to edit any of your personal views, simply click the icon,  remove/add criteria, adjust placement, then click “Save”.

From Assets to Z-Score, there are over 160 data points to select from including data from:  Company Information, Technicals, Valuation, Fundamentals & Options.


1.  Name the View
2.  Select Data Points
3.  Arrange – clicking on arrows to move up/down
4.  Save

Your Watchlists are now more powerful because they show the data you want to see to help you make your trade decisions.

The Result:

Note:  The Symbol, Score Icons and Last Price are fixed

Research Your Watchlists

Research Watchlist Functionality

Users are able to access all Watchlists from the Research Tab.
Click the to access the dropdown list as shown in the graphic.
Lists with more than 20 symbols will have a scroll bar allowing for easier research of larger lists.

All other functionality remains the same: Symbols can be moved to other lists, have alerts set, deleted, add Journal notes

When a symbol is entered in the Symbol Search Box on the Research Tab, the symbol will automatically be displayed on the default “Recents” list.

In addition, when a symbol or group of symbols is sent to Research from anywhere else on the platform, it will appear on a list under the default “Recents” list.

Examples of when the “Recents” list will be displayed:

  • Sending a symbol/symbols from a list on a Watch Tab.
  • Selecting a group of symbols from a Scan or Screener list.
  • Clicking on the Technical Icon from any symbol when not in the Research Tab. will be displayed under “Recents”.

The functionality of adding a note, an alert or sending a symbol to a specific list remains the same.


Narrow the field to find the highest probability trades.


You’ve narrowed the field by selecting potential candidates matching the outlook and selected strategy, but which of those have the highest probability of success?  Research allows you to drill down for information as much or as little as you want.

The Dashboard provides an overview:  Quote Detail, The Score, Activity such as News/Earnings/Dividends and information about the Company and a list of other company stock symbols in the same industry.  Each component has it’s own tab to provide more detail.

Components of The Score are designed to keep the information available to you, but out of the way when you don’t need it.
The Options Tab offers Strategy templates, option chains, snapshots and definitions of strategies, P/L Graph with Risk/Reward ratio, Analytics and  Stock/Volatility charts.

The Activity Tab includes a Beta version of the Journal as well as News and StockTwits ®


More Research

Advanced/Declined & Highs/Lows

The Graphs on the left side of the Market page can provide confirmation of whether there was a Rally or Sell-Off in the time frame selected by providing the numbers of stocks taking part in of the movement.

The 52-week High/Low Graph further confirms if there is a Market Trend by showing how many stocks closed at their 52-week High/Low.

Note, you can select a 1, 3 or 6 Month or 1 Year time frame in which to view the data.  By sliding the cursor along the horizontal ‘0’ (zero) line on each graph, data for each day will appear.

The Dashboard Scan Tab

Get the current ‘story’ on a stock.

The  Scan Tab is particularly interesting. In addition to providing a list of scans the stock is currently included in, it can give you a “story” about the stock.  Based on the scans that the stock is showing up in, you can get an overview of outlook on the stock.

For example: JNJ shows solid longer term positive outlook.
XOM Shows stagnant with improving longer term outlook

Earnings, Dividends and more...

The far right, lower box in Research provides the following:

Earnings Tab:  Get Earnings date, number of business days until announcement, Estimated and Actual Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) EPS, and link to the prior 12 Quarter Earnings details.

Dividend Tab:  Get Yield, Amount,  Payout Ratio (dividend/EPS), the Ex-Dividend Date (deadline to complete a stock purchase to be entitled to dividends),  Payout information, Frequency and link to the prior 12 Quarter Dividends.

Scans Tab: Quickly view how many & which scans the stock symbol appears on.

Index Tab: Lists the symbol and indices name(s) on which this stock appears.

Split Date:  Provides most recent Split Date, Detail and a link to view Split History


Overview & News

Located in ‘The Dashboard’, the Overview provides a snapshot of the company, including the Sector and Industry.  By clicking on the Industry link, a list of stock symbols in the same category will appear.  The “Stock Detail” list will have current market information and The Score navigational icons.

The News section lists articles covering, related to, or mentioning the selected Company.  Click on any headline to be linked to the full article.

Don't Know the Symbol?

No Problem

You can search for symbols from several entry points including “Market” and “Watch”. Simply start typing all or part of the Company’s name and the system will proactively provide you with suggestions. You can use this feature anywhere including Insiders and Institutions.

For example, typing “Bank” in the Symbol box will bring up the stock symbols and names of companies with “bank” in their name.

Depending where you are in the Platform, clicking on the selected symbol while you are in:

The “Market” or “Watch” tab, it will be added to your currently open list of stocks.

The Dashboard of the “Research” Tab, it will automatically provide the top layer of information on the stock.  As always, you are able to navigate to different areas or ‘drill down’.

Insider or Institutions of the “Research” Tab, the corresponding data will display, such as data by Quarter, the biggest buyers and sellers and more.

Other Navigation

Icons = Navigation

The Action (Arrow) icon will provide different actions depending on where you are in the platform.  For example if you are in the Market or Find tab, ‘Detail‘ will provide a Quote Popup. ‘Research‘ will take you to the Dashboard – overview – of the stock. ‘Options‘ will take you to that part of the platform etc.

When in a “Trade Finder Scan” (identified by the  icon), the Action icon choices includes: ‘Analyze Position’ which will take you to the Options tables and/or ‘Trade’ which will lead you to the Order Ticket of the Brokerage Account from the menu.

The Action Icon is also found in the Journal.  Under the “Positions” tab, clicking on the icon allows you to Expand/Collapse details of the trade, Analyze or Close the trade among other choices.