Adding & Arranging Indicators

Select  to add to your studies.
Indicators are grouped by Upper Indicators (which will appear on the Chart) and Lower Indicators (listed below the chart)
Once selected, you can customize the parameters – including the type of line you want for Moving Averages.
Upper Indicator selection summary appears above the chart and have an associated toolbar that allow edits (gear) hide/display(eye), refresh or remove..


Lower indicators can be displayed/hidden, move placement up/down  or delete it to truly customize your view.  

Make sure to Save Your New Chart Settings

Customizing Indicators

Customize Indicator Settings – even in different Chart Profiles!

Customize the settings by clicking on the “Add Indicator” box at the top, center of the screen. Scroll to the Indicator you wish to add/edit.  Left-click on the selection for a customization box to appear.

The Indicator window shows which settings can be changed.

Bonus!  You can save different settings for the same indicator in different chart profiles.  No need to change settings from one profile to the next.

In addition to the settings, this feature also provides a description of the indicator and the default settings.

Zoom Feature

Zoom in on any chart display, then easily reset to the default setting.
Simply click your cursor on the chart and drag to highlight the area to ‘Zoom’:

A “Reset Zoombutton will automatically appear on the new display.   When you are finished with your studies, simply click to restore the original time-period setting.

Trend Lines, Notes & Shapes and Advanced Annotations

Customize your charts with Trend Lines, Notes and Advanced Annotations.

These tool icons are available above the chart, just below the Indicators drop-down box.

The Gear Icon sets/manages the default for these tools, as well as whether to save Trendlines, Notes & Annotations on the chart (recommended).

Each Trendline, Note Entry and Annotation can be individually customized by color and, where applicable, transparency.

Clicking on any Trend Line, Note, or Advanced Annotation, will display the “Annotation Settings” box for that entry.  

The Annotation Settings box can be repositioned elsewhere on the platform, if needed.

Line Color, Line Width and if applicable, Background Color and Transparency can be changed.

Be sure to click ‘Save’!

Note:  When changing a color, the browser you use will display the ‘color picker’ differently.   This is normal and does not affect the functionality

Click on graphic to view examples of editing the color/sizing 

Click on graphic to view examples of moving and changing end points of charting annotations. 

Crossover Arrows

The Crossover Arrows   identify the crossover points on indicators.

For upper indicators, you can select 2 indicators and the chart will show the crossover arrow.

Example:  If you select the 5 day and 20 day SMA the Green arrows will show the 5/20 crossover points when in an upward movement, Red for downward.

Only 2 moving averages can be selected at a time when utilizing this tool.  If you wish to make a change to another moving average indicator,  one must first be deselected before adding the new indicator.




Working Orders Displayed on Chart

Charts display working orders and existing positions of selected brokerage accounts, currently Choice Trade and TD Ameritrade.  More brokerages will be forthcoming.

  • Stocks show a horizontal  line at the entry price.
  • Options show a horizontal  line at the strike price.
  • Green for Long and Red for Short.

The group of 4 icons, located above the Working Order,  allow you to Edit (Gear), Hide(Eye) Refresh (Circle arrows) or Remove (X).

Display choices including colors and  line width are available in settings by clicking the “Gear” Icon.