Virtual Account Overview

Virtual Trading gives you the real trading experience without risking any money.     It is a valuable “next step” learning tool – designed to mimic the trading experience as closely as possible.

You’ll start with a $100,000 account.  Virtual, of course.

Trades are executed during Market hours – 9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern Time, however there is a 15 minute delay after Market open for orders to begin executing.

As with Live Accounts, there are limits on trades if there is not sufficient Buying Power in your Virtual Account.   There can be expensive Spread/Margin Requirements to adhere to.

Virtual Accounts do have limitations that Live Accounts do not have:

Virtual Accounts are not subject or responsive to Corporate actions such as buyouts, name or symbol changes, stock/option splits and strike price adjustments to name some examples.

Virtual Accounts are “Auto-Journaled”.   This automatically keeps record of all trades for later analysis and reconciling.

These practice accounts are identified by a yellow bar on the left side of the account window.

Virtual Accounts are powered by Choice Trade to provide the real trading experience.

Access Trading Account Information

No need to login to Brokerage Account site for normal day-to-day activity.

Each account includes a Summary page showing the Account Balance, Margin Balance, Stock, Option & Day Trading Buying Power and tracks the current trading day’s activity.

Besides the Order Ticket, the Order Status, Current Positions  & Transaction History are all available.  You can view previous order history in the Order Status tab by clicking on the drop-down menu on the upper-right corner of that screen.

You can access any account and switch accounts with a single click.  You can even change the account from the order ticket.

The newest feature, Journal provides the means of organizing, noting, analyzing & reconciling trades.