Customize Watchlist Views

Customize Watchlist Views

You have the ability to customize Watchlist Views – based upon criteria you want to see.

Click on the next to “Default” or current view you are on to create a different View.

If/When you want to edit any of your personal views, simply click the icon,  remove/add criteria, adjust placement, then click “Save”.

From Assets to Z-Score, there are over 160 data points to select from including data from:  Company Information, Technicals, Valuation, Fundamentals & Options.


1.  Name the View
2.  Select Data Points
3.  Arrange – clicking on arrows to move up/down
4.  Save

Your Watchlists are now more powerful because they show the data you want to see to help you make your trade decisions.

The Result:

Note:  The Symbol, Score Icons and Last Price are fixed

Research Your Watchlists

Research Watchlist Functionality

Users are able to access all Watchlists from the Research Tab.
Click the to access the dropdown list as shown in the graphic.
Lists with more than 20 symbols will have a scroll bar allowing for easier research of larger lists.

All other functionality remains the same: Symbols can be moved to other lists, have alerts set, deleted, add Journal notes

When a symbol is entered in the Symbol Search Box on the Research Tab, the symbol will automatically be displayed on the default “Recents” list.

In addition, when a symbol or group of symbols is sent to Research from anywhere else on the platform, it will appear on a list under the default “Recents” list.

Examples of when the “Recents” list will be displayed:

  • Sending a symbol/symbols from a list on a Watch Tab.
  • Selecting a group of symbols from a Scan or Screener list.
  • Clicking on the Technical Icon from any symbol when not in the Research Tab. will be displayed under “Recents”.

The functionality of adding a note, an alert or sending a symbol to a specific list remains the same.

Top Level Navigation

Designed so trading workflow makes sense.

Market provides an overview of the current market from charts to maps.
Watch more detail of selected stocks matching overall outlook.
Find identify opportunities from scans, strategies, outlook and more.
Research gives you all the detail you need on the intuitive Dashboard
Portfolio keeps your accounts, trades and journal in one place.