Platform Features Release: July 2023

Announcing the latest Release of feature and functionality enhancements to the trading platform with the goal of improving the investment/trading decision process.   These two areas of the platform have undergone a major redesign and expansion of metrics.

Key Ratio Tab(formerly Valuation)- Reworked and expanded data points offered as well as provided context of how well a stock is performing compared to its Industry and the S&P.

Fundamental Tab –  Improved display of the expanded data available offer the ability to view fundamental metrics by Quarter, Year or Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) with the ability to adjust the time period and data display views.

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Key Ratio Tab

Key Ratio analysis is just one approach to evaluating stocks, and it should be complemented with other forms of analysis, such as technical analysis and market sentiment, for a well-rounded investment decision.

Key ratio indicators provide valuable information about a company’s financial health, profitability, growth prospects, operational efficiency, and overall value enabling traders to make more informed decisions:

Valuation:  Helps determine whether a stock is priced attractively in relation to its earnings, sales, or book value.

Profitability: Signifies a company’s ability to generate returns for its shareholders.

Financial Strength: Assesses the ability to meet financial obligations and weather economic downturns.

Growth:  Analyzes potential for expansion and increased earnings over time.

Efficiency: Measures how effectively a company utilizes its resources to generate output.

Cash Flow: Provides insights into the company’s ability to generate and manage cash.

Fundamental Tab

Fundamental Analysis involves a comprehensive examination of a stock’s financial health and its underlying value, as well as other relevant financial and non-financial metrics, to form an overall view of a company’s financial health and value.

This information is displayed in charts and graphs making it more useful in the analysis process.

It’s important to note that fundamental analysis is just one approach to evaluating stocks, and it should be complemented with other forms of analysis, such as technical analysis and market sentiment, for a well-rounded investment decision.


Price has been added to the Volatility Chart on the Option Chain display.  Slide your cursor along the chart to display the Date, Price, HV & IV

Dollar and Percentage Move added to Line Settings:

Timeframe displayed on chart when not on “Favorite”:

Font Size Selector for Price Chart

Vega added to Strategy Templates.  Click the ‘expand’ icon, if needed:

Change Log

  • Linear Regression Channel period number updating
  • Roll-out time icon synced with Risk Graph
  • Added “No or Limited Dividend Information” message
  • Corrected Backtest Net Debit/Net Credit responsiveness
  • Reset button function restored on Projected Price

Platform Features Release: Smart Trade Ticket, Global Chart Settings, Updated Fundamental Tab, Order/Trade Chart Display

Features Release Notes:
Smart Trade Ticket, Global Chart Settings, Updated Fundamental Tab, Order/Trade Chart Display

Announcing the latest features/functions updates, additions or edits to the trading platform:

The Smart Trade Ticket is easier to use and allows for future capability depending on what brokerages offer.  One Example if this would be Conditional Orders.
Global Chart Settings have always housed where to control candlestick/volume bar colors as well as Tooltip displays.  Now, clicking on the gear allows you the ability to display Annotations, Positions/Orders and Events.
The Fundamental Tab under Research has an improved, easier to read display with additional features for a clearer snapshot of a stock’s past and forecasted performance.
You’ll be able to differentiate a Conditional Order from a Staged Order as well as a Yet-To-Be-Executed-Order with the enhanced Order/Trade Display.

Smart Trade Ticket

Smart Trade Ticket

The redesigned Trade Ticket has defined sections for Stock/ETF trades and Option Trades. The Stock Ticket is divided into Open and Exit sections for easier use.

The Close Ticket provides a summary of any Profit/Loss on the trade.    Brokerages determine available Order Types, which may include the following to open a trade:

Note:   Closing Order Types may also include Trailing $ and Trailing %.

If there is an existing position on a Symbol when a new order is created, the Smart Ticket system will identify if there is an existing Non-Stock/Multi-leg Position  or an existing Stock position.

If Non-Stock/Multi-leg position, clicking “Close” will navigate the user to the Option Trade Ticket.  Clicking “Ok” will lead the user to the Stock/ETF Ticket.

If there is an existing Stock position, a summary of the existing will display along with the ability to Close or Add to the existing position.

Global Chart Settings

Global Chart Settings

Manage common chart settings from one location by clicking on the left-most Gear icon on the Chart Header which is located under the saved chart periodicities.

In addition to setting your Bullish/Bearish candlestick and corresponding Volume bar colors and control of whether you want Tooltips to display on the chart, you can view/hide:

All Chart Settings
Events (Dividends/Earnings)

Simply click the ‘eye’ icon to display/hide your selection. Once finished with your Global Settings, click “Update,” then “Close.” To reset to default settings, click “Reset.”

Improved Fundamental Display

Fundamental Data has a new look

The area charts under the Research>Fundamental tab have been replaced with bar charts for easier understanding.

A Tooltip appears when you hover your cursor over the bar charts providing information for that data point.

Estimated Earnings is now in the same window as Historic Earnings for clearer comparison as both sets of data now have the same orientation

The Earnings display has been enhanced to illustrate past and projected data in the same window to match the orientation for a more accurate ‘apples to apples’ comparison.

Click on any of the legend icons to toggle the data displayed.

The Analysts’ Target Window displays the current stock price as a horizontal line for reference.

Custom Page Enhancements

The widgets with that number will automatically populate accordingly.

To change displaying one symbol to another using a Watchlist, simply click on the Action Icon of new Symbol and select the number of the current Symbol you want to replace.

A refresh icon has been added to the Header to make it easy to update the Custom Page display after rearranging widgets.

We’ve increased the number of symbols that can be tagged from 6 to 12.  

Using the Watchlist displayed on the left side of the screen, click the Action Icon (triangle) to left of Stock Symbol you want to display and assign a number, 1 to 12.

Delete Notice added to Research Tab

A Warning Notice now displays when ‘x’ is clicked on the Research Tab requiring confirmation prior to removing the list of symbols from the tab.

Change Log

  • Heat Map filter setting/saving improved
  • Interval call split adjustments
  • Greek Summary displays on Positions tab
  • ETF list on Home Page issue resolved
  • Strike Arrow functionality restored on Option Chain
  • Sorting Scan after scrolling behavior corrected
  • Eliminated stacking Indicators on charts
  • Alert list is scrollable