Option Chain Functionality

Option Chain Video

Research>Option Tab,  click on “Expiration Cycle” for  the “Call+Put”, “Calls” or “Puts” view.

Option Chain Expiration Cycles

The Option Chain Expiration Table gives you control of selecting which Expiration Cycle(s) you want to view.

The Option Dashboard provides a wealth of pertinent information to make informed decisions easier.
See below for more detail

Expiration Cycles:  All available options will be displayed. Monthly Options are indicated with an asterick




Select Expiration Cycles

Click ‘OK”

Chain will display for selected   

Strategy Template

A Strategy Template provides a shortcut to quickly create an option strategy, virtually eliminating structure errors.  Once selected, you can modify the structure within the template using the tools on above the option tables:  Moving Strikes up/down, rolling Time out/in, widening or narrowing Strikes.

Some strategies can be changed from all Calls to all Puts (and vice-versa).

 Note:  The templates will not allow you to exceed certain parameters, as attempting to do so would result in an invalid strategy.  This is a built-in safety net and you would receive a notice similar to:

Options Navigation

Expirations are displayed above the Option Table.

Select the months to view by clicking on the appropriate box.  All available dates are displayed. Remember, the further out the option expiration is, the fewer dates are available.

Toggle between Calls Only or Puts Only view.

Change Option Table views to Pricing, Value, Greeks, Trade or new Custom views you create to suit your needs.

The small tab on the left side of the table will collapse the stock summary box & widen the option table.

The scroll bar on the right side and slide bars at the bottom on the table offer additional navigation.


Narrow the field to find the highest probability trades.


You’ve narrowed the field by selecting potential candidates matching the outlook and selected strategy, but which of those have the highest probability of success?  Research allows you to drill down for information as much or as little as you want.

The Dashboard provides an overview:  Quote Detail, The Score, Activity such as News/Earnings/Dividends and information about the Company and a list of other company stock symbols in the same industry.  Each component has it’s own tab to provide more detail.

Components of The Score are designed to keep the information available to you, but out of the way when you don’t need it.
The Options Tab offers Strategy templates, option chains, snapshots and definitions of strategies, P/L Graph with Risk/Reward ratio, Analytics and  Stock/Volatility charts.

The Activity Tab includes a Beta version of the Journal as well as News and StockTwits ®


More Research

Storyboard of the Strategy

We also display a storyboard-like view of the selected strategy.  It is a combination of chart, risk graph, and performance channel constructed within one panel.

This storyboard gives you the full picture of the position:  The Structure,  Performance Channels and Calculations.


Performance Channels

Performance Channels can assist in visual analysis across both the P/L Graph and the Chart.

  • Dark Green – Stock movement affects gain
  • Light Green – At maximum gain
  • Dark Red – Stock movement affects loss
  • Light Red – At maximum loss

The width of the channel on the chart represents the timeframe of the trade.  If options expire in 30 days, the channel will display back 30 days on the chart.  This give a visual reference for the time frame of the trade.

Note:  Channels are displayed based on expiration of the trade.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  Performance channel date orientation is for reference only.

Strategy Snapshot

It’s the “Cliffnotes” version of your strategy

Each strategy template provides a quick reference for the construction and application of the strategy.  The snapshot shows:

  • what the strategy outlook is on the color-coded range from ‘Very Bearish’, ‘Mildly Bearish’, ‘Neutral’, ‘Mildly Bullish’ or ‘Very Bullish’.
  • what effect ‘time decay’  and ‘volatility’ has on the strategy:  ‘Increase’, ‘Neutral’ or ‘Decrease’.
  • debit or credit trade
  • risk & reward level
  • strategy structure
  • an overview summary of the strategy


Option Tables & Templates

Expanding your Options!

Choose from Call+Put chains, Call Matrix, Put Matrix or from almost 2 dozen Option Templates – covering any market outlook.

Expand the Strikes displayed:  Near ATM, More or All.

You can change the click Quantity default increment by changing the default parameter for 1x, 5x or 10x.

You can also sort the Strike prices:  Lowest to Highest, or vice-versa.

Advanced Analytics

Some strategies are more responsive to time decay and/or volatility than others.   This platform has tools to help analyze these components.

  • Construct the position in the Option Chain table
  • Select the ‘Go Big’ icon on the P&L Graph
  • The Graph shows 3 data points: Current Day, Halfway point to Expiration Day & Expiration Day.  The corresponding legend, immediately below the graph, follows the cursor slider along the graph.
  • The bottom of the screen contains a Calendar (Time) & Volatility Scale.  Both can be manipulated to analyze the position.

Time: You can select a date to analyze as well as user stepper buttons to move day by day backward or forward.

Volatility:   Use the volatility slider or enter a value in the entry box to see the impact of changes in volatility.   The slider bar also displays the current (circle), average (gray), and 1 year high / low of implied volatility (orange portion of the slider) for easy reference.

Delta & Theta Display on Template

You can expand the template to show Delta and Theta for the individual legs as well as the totals for the trade by clicking the  icon on the upper right part of this screen.

This can help for faster evaluation and better positioning of the trade.