Platform Features Release: August 2022

Announcing the latest Release of feature and functionality enhancements to the trading platform.  These allow for more customizing ability and streamlines functions on accessing or displaying information.  Highlights include:

Screen for Weekly Options – The ability to screen for weekly options has been added to the Screen Function under Find.

Rearrange Screener Data Points – Change selection order directly on the Results page, by drag/drop action.

Large Chart Widget on Custom Page –The new widget fits an entire row on the custom page.

Customize Moving Averages – The Moving Average thickness can now be customized.

Vertical Zoom on Chart – Function expanding to allow for Horizontal and Vertical Zoom.

Double-click function on Expiration Cycle Page –Eliminates need to click “Okay” button

Screen for Weekly Options

The Screener – located under the Find Tab – now provides the ability to screen for Weekly Options.

Now customizing your own searches is even better!

Remember, you can save Screens for future use – and even edit/update them as needed.

Rearrange Screener Criteria

Rearrange Screener data points on the Results page by clicking located on the upper left corner of each data point, then drag up/down.

The data points are filtered with each entry in the order they are listed.

Additional edits can be made with the existing Screener data points:

Click to keep the data point but disregard in an updated “Run Search”.

Click to remove the data point from an updated “Run Search”.

Save to keep the edited Screener for future use.

Large Chart Widget on My Custom Page

An individual chart can be set on an entire row on the Custom Page by selecting the Large Chart widget.
The Custom Page set-up and arrangement remain the same.

Customize Moving Average Lines

All Moving Average IndicatorsExponential, Simple, Triangular and Weighted can be customized to set Line Width.   The default setting is ‘1’.

This update, along with previously added, user-defined “Line Type” allows for even more identification in charting analysis.

Expiration Cycle Double-click Functionality

Quickly access one or more Expiration Cycles by double-clicking on each row you wish to evaluate.

The selected dates will automatically display on the Chain.

Click “Expiration Cycles” button again to revise/add to existing cycles.

Vertical & Horizontal Zoom Functionality

Change Log

  • Corrected “Extend By” behavior on Chart with Streaming
  • Created ability to reconcile partial trades
  • Updated Annotation editing capability when adding text
  • Resolved Edge browser/Annotations conflict
  • Volatility Stop Indicator – expanded
  • Fixed navigation break: Chain>Chart>Chain
  • Analyze function restored on certain strategies
  • Alert tool-tip correction
  • Adjusting Parallel lines now saving
  • Corrected Pending/Executed Order on Chart display

Intraday Trade Finder Scan Updates (Premium Desktop Feature)

Trade Finder Scans are updated every 30 minutes during Market Hours on the Premium Platform.  That’s 12 more times than the Standard Platform version, which updates once after the Market opens.

Trade Finder Scans are easily identified with a Rocket Icon in the upper left corner of the Scan box.

Scans - Find Opportunities - Overview

Stagnant? Uncertain?  Bearish or Bullish? Short or long term?  No problem!

This “Find” category is  where to find opportunities based on current Market activity and outlook, or select opportunities based on events, such as Earnings or Dividend announcements.

Whether looking for opportunities based on The Score, Events, Chart Patterns, Bullish, Bearish, Stagnant or Unknown outlook, a scan will help you find potential trade opportunities.  

You can drill-down for scans by Category, Sub-Categories, then Group.

Example:  Strategy>Time Spreads>Call Calendar Spreads.   You can use the drop-down box, above the Category boxes to search for the scan you want or type in the box a generality about the scan.  Examples:  “Earning”, “Bull”, “Bearish”. “Score”, “Red”, “Green” will yield scans with that particular name in the scan


The Dashboard Scan Tab

Get the current ‘story’ on a stock.

The  Scan Tab is particularly interesting. In addition to providing a list of scans the stock is currently included in, it can give you a “story” about the stock.  Based on the scans that the stock is showing up in, you can get an overview of outlook on the stock.

For example: JNJ shows solid longer term positive outlook.
XOM Shows stagnant with improving longer term outlook

The Top 4 Categories

The names may be different, but the scans remain the same! 

Feature – Your favorite and our highlighted scans, including scans related to The Score.

Ideas – Scans for general ideas including Dividends, Money Flow, Volatility, Earnings and more.

Outlook – For Bearish, Bullish and Stagnant outlook conditions.

Strategy – Over 20 strategy-specific scans including Bull Put, Bear Call, Iron Condor and more.

The Tile

The Tile shows the name and often, a short description of the Scan and the number of stock in the results.   For more information about a scan click the [i] icon.
By clicking the Star icon on the Scan Tile, it will be added to your “Favorite Scans”  group.

Tile View Sizes

Tile View is available in 3 sizes on the Market or Watch Tabs.

Scans and Earnings/Dividends Calendar under the Find tab offer 4 Tile View sizes:  Extra Small to Large.

The platform’s adaptive and responsive technology will automatically adjust the number of tiles shown based upon the available space as well as allow continual scrolling for large lists.

Dynamic Scan Information

The scan results provide relevant information for that scan.   For example: Dividends will show Yield, Covered Calls will show the options position, potential return, net cost and more.

This allows you to quickly pick stock candidates and bypass others for high-probability trades.  For example, you may wish to eliminate stocks priced too high or low, those with low volume, etc.   Use the Navigational tools (Action Icon, The Score Icon, Send to Watchlist or Research for example) to dive deeper in selecting the best stock.