Located under the Find Tab, the Advanced Screener is designed to allow the user to customize their own trade candidate searches.  Over 125 criteria selections are available – with more to follow.

Screener is flexible – allowing you to create save as many Screen searches as you wish, edit as needed, even download results.  

The Screener feature differs from Scans, where candidates meet pre-defined criteria that can be further refined through filters, but cannot be changed or deleted.
Screens are user-defined, 100% customized by the user’s specifications.  They can be edited, saved and deleted.

Left Control Panel

New –  Create a new screener
Saved – Previously created and saved screens.  Saved screens can be edited for a single-use                or saved as a new screen or overwriting the previously saved screen
System –  Templates available for use as starting points for new screeners.  While the System                   screens themselves cannot be modified, they can be used as a foundation for                         newly created screens that – can be modified for personal use and saved.

Select your Criteria

There are 3 Levels of Data.  Currently Level 3 mirrors Level 2 – as more criteria will be added to this feature.
Level 1 offers Basic Information to select from.  Level 2 expands upon what Level 1 offers.

After choosing your criteria, you’ll be able to set the parameters for each criteria selection on the next screen.

Click “Run Search”

Note: The order the criteria is selected, will be the order the selections are displayed on the next screen.  

The Results

The criteria selected in this example were Price ($50-200), Optionable, Score (Green or Yellow for each Icon) and 10-day Average Volume (5M-293M) resulting in 17 candidates.

From here, using the Icon Toolbar, candidates can be selected and:

  • Sent to Research for further analysis
  • Sent to an existing Watch List
  • Used to create a New list
  • Can be download to a .csv file.

The Screen itself can be Saved (and named), further modified -either by
adjusting the existing criteria or adding new datapoints – or a New Screen
can be created.
Additional data is accessible by clicking on “Company”, “Technical”, etc
above the list of candidates.

Icon Tool Bar – Hover Cursor over Icon to view function

Select one or more symbols
Send selections to Research
Create a New Watchlist with Selected Candidates
Send Candidate to an Existing Watchlist
Download to .csv file

System Screens are also available and new ones will be added.

The user can customize such screens and save to the platform just as any other

Candidates can be sent to Research, to a Watch List and/or
downloaded to a .csv file.

System Screens themselves cannot be modified and are designed to be
‘launching points’ for the user’s convenience if they wish to use them.

Note the colored bar graph of IV Range. It provides a ‘picture’ of where this
Stock/ETF is now for this datapoint.

Edit Screeners

Edit current, Saved or System Screeners by adjusting parameters of existing criteria using the slide bars, entering values in boxes, etc.

A Screener Update notice will appear prompting you to select “Run Search” after adjustments are completed.   Updated results will populate the left table.

From here, use the Icon Toolbar for further options: Select,  Add to Watchlist, Research or Download.

Toggle Criteria

The Toggle feature gives you additional flexibility in your Screener searches.

The ON position includes the selected criteria in calculating results.

The OFF position for that criteria will not affect the results when used to filter results. However, that data column will still be displayed with the other points selected.