Platform Features Release: Additional Alert Functionality, Watch List Alerts, Info Button, Trade from Charts

Features Release Notes:
Additional Alert Capability,  Set Watchlist Alerts, Alert Management Info Button, New Trade Button on Charts

Announcing:  Expanded Alert Capabilities,  Watchlist Alerts  Information Button, Trade Function from Charts

We’ve increased Alert capabilities to give users more ability to identify trade entry, exit and management opportunities.  An Info button (i) is added to on the Alert Management Page to assist/guide users on the criteria offered.

Set Alerts by Watchlist as well as individual symbol.

Trade functionality is available from the Charts, streamlining the process when you have an existing trade or staged trade.  Where there are more than one position on the same symbol, you’ll be given the option of what action to take.

Increased Alert Functionality

Set Alerts by Watchlist

You are able to set Alerts on your Personal Watchlists .  There are 2 ways to do this:

1.   On the Watch Tab using the Alert Icon in the Icon bar
2.   The Alert Management Page, click “Watchlist”, then select from the drop-down which will automatically populate available lists to choose from.

Criteria available for single stock/etf symbols are available to set for an entire watchlist, include Real Time,  up to 6 month activation and the ability to add Notes.

Clicking the “Detail” button will display the symbols contained in the selected Watchlist

With the exception of Last Price, all  Methods are available for both individual alerts as well as Watchlist Alerts. 

Simple Moving Average
Exponential Moving Average
Bollinger Bands
Keltner Channels
6 Month Hi/Low
52 Week Hi/Low

As you see, SMA & EMA offer numerous time periods.   The shorter the time period, the more alerts you will receive – especially when set on Watchlists.

Note:  The Active Alert box on the left side of the Alert Management page will have ‘wl‘ indicated when the alert is on a Watchlist.

A Reminder on Alerts:

Alerts are RealTime if you have Streaming Quotes on the platform – OR – have a linked brokerage account that provides RealTime quotes to the platformAND – have logged into that account in the last 30 days.

Alerts on OTC stocks will be delayed

Make sure to enable “Push Notifications” on your computer as well as mobile devices (if you have the app downloaded). You do not have to be logged into the platform to receive alerts as long as you have these notices activated.

Information Button – Alert Management Page

An Information Button has been added to the Alert Management page.

Located next to the Method drop-down, (i) clicking on this button will display in-depth information on criteria available to set your alerts.

Trade from Charts (Live, Virtual, Manual or Staged Orders)

Submitting existing trades or staged orders is streamlined.

In the example chart above, there are two staged orders and a Live Trade.

Clicking “Trade“,  located above the stock chart , will display a menu of an existing trade(s) in the activated trade account.

Staged Orders, on the same symbol, will display regardless of the trade account activated.

Staged orders will be shown in bold/black.

Active trades, whether Live, Virtual or Manual will be shown lighter/blue.  

To the right is what displays after clicking “Trade”:
     1.  Open (Enter) the Bull Call Position
     2.  Open (Enter) the Straddle Position
    3.  Close the existing Active Trade (Manual, Virtual or Live)

The next action will take you to the Order Ticket to continue the trade process, as usual.

Change Log

  • Ability to save Backtested trades after Market hours restored
  • Dividend display corrected
  • Adjusted links in BZ news
  • Mobile App – scrolling issue resolved in Scans

Custom (Premium Desktop Feature)

Custom Page  – Customize What You Want To See

Custom Page

You’ll find Custom under the Home tab (formerly Market tab).  Trade Central gives you a one-stop view of your selected Stocks/ETFs.   Add Quote Boxes, Multiple Charts and News for your selections and overall Market News.

Rearrange the content to fit your preferences, the platform will adjust to maximize the view according to the device you are using.

This is a flexible feature with a number of ways to structure the Custom page.  The widgets are adjustable, allowing you to rearrange, add, substitute or remove as needed.

Read below to learn more and get started:

Add Widgets

Check the box for “Quote“, “Chart“, and/or “News” and enter quantity for each then click “Enter”.

Add the Symbol in the appropriate box for the data to populate.

Note:  To remove a widget, click the ‘x’ in the upper right corner of the box.

Chart Widget

After adding “Chart” widget and Stock/ETF symbol, click the Gear Icon (upper right corner of widget box) to select:

Time Period: 1 Day, 1 Month, 3 Month,  6 Month or 1 Year
Chart Types:  Candlestick, OHLC or Line
Indicators:  Over a dozen indicators available to add to each chart.  You can edit and remove/change selected indicators on each chart.

Custom lets you add multiple chart set-ups per Symbol for a convenient way to research existing trades or find opportunities.

Widget Settings

Rather than enter a symbol on each Chart, Quote or News component, you can assign a number to each widget.

Then, using the Watchlist displayed on the left side of the screen, click the Action Icon (triangle) to left of Stock Symbol you want to display and assign a number, 1 thru 12

The widgets with that number will automatically populate accordingly.

To change displaying one symbol to another using a Watchlist, simply click on the Action Icon of new Symbol and select the number of the current Symbol you want to replace.

Adjust Custom Display

Adjust the order display by clicking on the Re-Arrange button on the Upper Right corner of Trade Central screen.

The display changes to placeholder bars for easy drag/drop action. Re-Arrange button changes to “In Process“.

Click on the Bulls-Eye icon to the left of the Stock/ETF symbol, then drag/drop to new location.

When completed, click on “Save“, then “In Process” to return to Trade Central main view.

List or Tile View

View any list in traditional List View or Tile View —both show The Score.

Tile View shows thumbnail charts of the entire list. These can be viewed in a variety of periodicies.  Volume is included in the 1, 3 & 6 month views to assist with quick analysis.   Horizontal Reference Lines show where the Low Price and 90% of the High Price points the stock had for the selected time period.

The Score icons are also navigation shortcuts which will take you directly to Charts, Inner Circle, Valuation or Fundamentals.

Clicking on the  Action Icon   next to the Stock symbol in either the List or Tile View will bring up a menu offering additional choices for that Stock.

Create Watchlists

The Market & Watch Tab Icon ToolBar allows you to Create/Modify/Manage your Lists.

Hover your cursor over the icon to view it’s ‘task’:   
Select Candidates
Send to Research
Add/Delete a List
Modify an existing List
Send candidates from one List to another
Remove candidates from existing List
Change View:  List or Tile
To Create a New Watchlist:

1. Under ‘Create Watchlist’, enter symbols – separating  eachwith a comma or (space)
2.  Enter the name of New Watchlist
3.  Click “Create”
Other ways to Create Lists include:

From the Find Tab>Scans and Find Tab>Calendar.

Selecting candidates from Scans (Ex: Bullish Ascending Triangle ) or Calendar for an Earnings or Dividend date to get the list of stocks that fit your selected criteria,  click the “Check” icon to the stock symbols you want to keep, then click the Folder + icon to , name your new Watch List then click “OK”.

You can also copy/paste a list of symbols from an outside source to a newly created (or existing list) provided the following apply:

  1. Only symbols are being copied/pasted
  2. There is a comma (,) or space between symbols

Manage/Modify Existing Lists

Icon Navigation

More than a picture, icons will help guide you through the trading process.

This graphic shows the function of some of the icons found in The Trade Tool.
Hint: Most icons will display a short description of it’s function or purpose
by hovering the cursor over it.

Tile View Sizes

Tile View is available in 3 sizes on the Market or Watch Tabs.

Scans and Earnings/Dividends Calendar under the Find tab offer 4 Tile View sizes:  Extra Small to Large.

The platform’s adaptive and responsive technology will automatically adjust the number of tiles shown based upon the available space as well as allow continual scrolling for large lists.

Smart Action Icon

The Smart Action Icon  adjusts available features depending upon where you are in the trading platform.

For Stocks you can ‘Buy’, ‘Sell’, view ‘Options’, etc.  

Any Strategy-specific options scan will have ‘Analyze’ and ‘Trade’ in the Action Icon Menu. You can click ‘Analyze’ to see the trade in the options chain. From there, you can Edit the structure or click ‘Trade’ to submit the trade to your to Brokerage Account and Journal.

Sending from One “List” to Another

You can send symbols from any list, including Find, Explore, Actives, to your Watch lists — including from one watch list to another.

Simply (1) click the “Check” icon, (2) select the symbol(s), (3) click the “Page/Arrow” icon and select the List you want the selections sent to.

You can also ‘Click & Drag’ – highlighting a group of symbols you want moved to another list, or to the Research Tab.

Note:  Research can handle up to 20 stock symbols at a time.

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Don't Know the Symbol?

No Problem

You can search for symbols from several entry points including “Market” and “Watch”. Simply start typing all or part of the Company’s name and the system will proactively provide you with suggestions. You can use this feature anywhere including Insiders and Institutions.

For example, typing “Bank” in the Symbol box will bring up the stock symbols and names of companies with “bank” in their name.

Depending where you are in the Platform, clicking on the selected symbol while you are in:

The “Market” or “Watch” tab, it will be added to your currently open list of stocks.

The Dashboard of the “Research” Tab, it will automatically provide the top layer of information on the stock.  As always, you are able to navigate to different areas or ‘drill down’.

Insider or Institutions of the “Research” Tab, the corresponding data will display, such as data by Quarter, the biggest buyers and sellers and more.