Heat Map & Spectrum Overview

For Example: Clicking on “Financial Services” industry portion on the map of the S&P 500, then “Credit Services” will yield another map of 8 companies: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. Clicking on any of those boxes will display the Stock info at a glance.  Notice the Navigation Icons such at The Score as well as those to add to a Watchlist or send to Research.

The “Spectrum” View maps the sectors within the Index, with the number of companies in (parenthesis) by the performance by the time-frame selected.  You can drill-down by selecting the sector group, then industry and company.

Note: By selecting the “Go Big” Icon, , in the upper-right corner of the corner of the panel, expands the amount of information and navigational icons.

Heat Map & Spectrum Overview

Broad Market Insight that allows you to drill down

The Heat Maps are accessible in the Market tab and under Find>Explore and provide powerful visual views of market performance.  This feature is designed to  adapt to a variety of strategies and outlooks according to your portfolio needs.  Select Index and Time Frame using the Action Icons.  These can be changed going forward in any map screen.
In the Map view, each box represents either an industry group (default) or a stock when you drill down. The size of the box represents the market cap.  By hovering your cursor over each box, an info box appears with info on that group within that industry, including the the number of companies, Market Cap, % Change in selected time frame.

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Spectrum Map View

In the Spectrum view, each column represents the slice of time selected: Day, Week, Month or Trailing Quarter.  Once the Time frame is selected, it will be backtracked in each column (Example: April, March, February, January…)

Each row of the selected Index are initially broken down by Sector.  By clicking the ‘action icon’, the Industry groups are shown.  Clicking on the ‘action icon’ of each Industry will display the Stock symbols within that Industry.

The number and color of each box is a ‘slice’ that represents change (+/- , neutral) for that slice of  time for that Sector, Industry or Stock using the Spectrum Color Legend as a reference.

Note the ‘action icon’ next to the Stock Symbol, enabling you to drill down, add to Watchlist,  Research, Journal, etc.


Heat Map Data Points

Drop-down menus allow you to select Index, Time Frame and various Data Points.  Choose among  % Change, Dividend Yield, PEG,  52 week High-Low and more.

Special Maps like Insider Score, Days to Next Earnings, and Implied Volatility are also included.

And of course, by selecting an individual box (stock) for Quote Detail and use the Navigational Icons to Research, add to Watch Lists, Submit a Trade, etc.

Heat Map Filters

Bonus!  The Platform remembers your Preferences!

Select the view you like and it will be saved during your current session – even when you navigate elsewhere on the platform.  The system will remember the map/spectrum view you set.  This includes the type and time period as well.

Streamline your results by using the Filters for  Price, Average Volume, Market Cap, and more. The data will be displayed dynamically based on filter changes.  You can set your filters and the Platform will remember it until you change or reset it during the current session.

Quote Detail without leaving the List

A quick snapshot of a stock with navigational tools.

The Action Arrow Icon will provide a pop-up Quote Detail window including the current price, trading volume, Dividend Date -if applicable, Earnings Date and more.   A chart, on the bottom part of the Detail Box, allows for difference periodices: 1 Day, 1,3 or 6 Months.

Notice the additional icons in the Quote Detail:   You can send this stock to one of your  Watch Lists, to Research or delete the stock if you wish.  The Score Icons will direct you to the appropriate Research function.  Buy/Sell buttons allow for quick order placing.