Heap Map View

Each box in the Map View represents either an industry group or a stock when you drill down. The size of the box represents the market cap.  

The color represents the data displayed (default : % change) for the time frame selected.

In the Market Tab, select the ‘Go Big’ option in Heat Map for more detail.

You have the capability to adjust your Map based on Stock Price, Average Volume, Market Cap and % Change.

Bonus:  The platform will remember your filters until you reset them during the current session.

52 Week High/Low Value

The 52 Hi/Low Value represents the current percentile of the stock (or sector) relative to it’s 52 week high/low price range.   The Sector Value is the average of stocks within that sector.
In the Communication Services example, the average for the Sector is 55.  When expanded, we see Netflix (NFLX) is near the top of it’s 52-week range at 96.  Centurylink (CTL) is closer to the low end of it’s range at 14.  Verizon’s current price is in the middle of the High-Low range.

This information is also available on the Map View but hovering your cursor over a stock tile while in the 52 Wk Hi-Low View.  Netflix shows the stock is at the 96th percentile of it’s high-low range.
Remember, you can refer to the Legend (found in the upper right part of the screen) for defined range values for any criteria view you select.

Heat Map Filters

Bonus!  The Platform remembers your Preferences!

Select the view you like and it will be saved during your current session – even when you navigate elsewhere on the platform.  The system will remember the map/spectrum view you set.  This includes the type and time period as well.

Streamline your results by using the Filters for  Price, Average Volume, Market Cap, and more. The data will be displayed dynamically based on filter changes.  You can set your filters and the Platform will remember it until you change or reset it during the current session.