Strategy Snapshot

It’s the “Cliffnotes” version of your strategy

Each strategy template provides a quick reference for the construction and application of the strategy.  The snapshot shows:

  • what the strategy outlook is on the color-coded range from ‘Very Bearish’, ‘Mildly Bearish’, ‘Neutral’, ‘Mildly Bullish’ or ‘Very Bullish’.
  • what effect ‘time decay’  and ‘volatility’ has on the strategy:  ‘Increase’, ‘Neutral’ or ‘Decrease’.
  • debit or credit trade
  • risk & reward level
  • strategy structure
  • an overview summary of the strategy


Chart Types

Lines, Bars, Candles & Comparisons

You have the flexibility in not only the way the data is displayed, but you also have choices in comparisons:  Year-over-Year comparisons of your current Stock, up to a 5-year period.  You can also compare your current stock to another stock, another index, ETF, etc.

Overview & News

Located in ‘The Dashboard’, the Overview provides a snapshot of the company, including the Sector and Industry.  By clicking on the Industry link, a list of stock symbols in the same category will appear.  The “Stock Detail” list will have current market information and The Score navigational icons.

The News section lists articles covering, related to, or mentioning the selected Company.  Click on any headline to be linked to the full article.

Chart Periods

You can add/remove and even extend Time Periods

Use the plus (+) to select the length and periodicity to display.  Intervals range from minute-by-minute for a 1 Day Chart to month-by-month for up to 25 years (Maximum)

Click the  on any time period to add it to the header for easy access to frequently used selections.
You may remove any favorite period by either clicking the “X” in the upper right of the button in the header or simply clicking the star again in the selector menu.

Finally, Extend the Chart by 10, 30, 60 even 90 periods beyond today to evaluate Chart Patterns.   If you select “Extend By 30” on a daily chart,  it will extend by 30 days.  On a weekly chart, it will extend by 30 weeks.  (Note:  This feature is applicable to Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts).

Trend lines can be drawn through the extended period.

This feature can be toggled on/off by the same (+) in the header.

Delta & Theta Display on Template

You can expand the template to show Delta and Theta for the individual legs as well as the totals for the trade by clicking the  icon on the upper right part of this screen.

This can help for faster evaluation and better positioning of the trade.

Don't Know the Symbol?

No Problem

You can search for symbols from several entry points including “Market” and “Watch”. Simply start typing all or part of the Company’s name and the system will proactively provide you with suggestions. You can use this feature anywhere including Insiders and Institutions.

For example, typing “Bank” in the Symbol box will bring up the stock symbols and names of companies with “bank” in their name.

Depending where you are in the Platform, clicking on the selected symbol while you are in:

The “Market” or “Watch” tab, it will be added to your currently open list of stocks.

The Dashboard of the “Research” Tab, it will automatically provide the top layer of information on the stock.  As always, you are able to navigate to different areas or ‘drill down’.

Insider or Institutions of the “Research” Tab, the corresponding data will display, such as data by Quarter, the biggest buyers and sellers and more.

Inner Circle - Behind the Scenes

Insider and Institutional Activity.

Insiders and Institutions activities in a stock is a powerful tool.

Insiders: Our proprietary Insider Score looks at who the insiders are, how many there are, and how much stock is being bought or sold to derive a score algorithm.

Institutions: We monitor overall and individual institutions activities around a stock with historical comparison to evaluate the Institution Score.  

You have the ability to delve into as much information you want by clicking on the ‘Detail’ box in “Insider Score” and “Institutions”.  Find top buyers/sellers by week, month, 3 months or one year.   Search Institution Ownership by selected Quarter Report, newly added, reduced, current, top holders etc.  Dive deeper to gain insight into Institutions’ other holdings.

The information is easily accessible when you want it – just by the click of an icon, drop down box or arrow.

Trade Transaction Types

Type of Transaction (from SEC Insider Form 4)

General Transaction Codes
P — Open market or private purchase of non-derivative or derivative security
S — Open market or private sale of non-derivative or derivative security
V — Transaction voluntarily reported earlier than required

Rule 16b-3 Transaction Codes
A — Grant, award or other acquisition pursuant to Rule 16b-3(d)
D — Disposition to the issuer of issuer equity securities pursuant to Rule 16b-3(e)
F — Payment of exercise price or tax liability by delivering or withholding securities incident to the receipt, exercise or vesting of a security issued in accordance with Rule 16b-3
I — Discretionary transaction in accordance with Rule 16b-3(f) resulting in acquisition or disposition of issuer securities
M — Exercise or conversion of derivative security exempted pursuant to Rule 16b-3

Derivative Securities Codes (Except for those exempt pursuant to Rule 16b-3)
C — Conversion of derivative security
E — Expiration of short derivative position
H — Expiration (or cancellation) of long derivative position with value received
O — Exercise of out-of-the-money derivative security
X — Exercise of in-the-money or at-the-money derivative security

Other Section 16(b) Exempt Transaction and Small Acquisition Codes (except for Rule 16b-3 codes above)
G — Bona fide gift
L — Small acquisition under Rule 16a-6
W — Acquisition or disposition by will or the laws of descent and distribution
Z — Deposit into or withdrawal from voting trust

Other Transaction Codes
J — Other acquisition or disposition (describe transaction)
K — Transaction in equity swap or instrument with similar characteristics
U — Disposition pursuant to a tender of shares in a change of control transaction

Inner Circle - Inside Score

The Insider Score window provides insight into the buying/selling activity of Company insiders.   Clicking “Detail” provides more in-depth information on such activity.

The Tens Line provides a benchmark upon which to base the Inner Circle Score.
Zero & above – indicates net buyers and thus, a Green Score.
Between zero and -10 will yield a Yellow Score, as some insider selling is normal and expected.
A Red Score indicates heavier selling outside of a normal, expected range.

The bottom left of the window shows the % of all shares that are Insider Owned, equivalent $ amount last Quarter, the Score and Net Dollar amount traded last Quarter.

Inner Circle - Institutions

While Insiders are required to update their ownership status within a few days.  Institutions are required to do so Quarterly.

The main tile shows data from the most recent reporting Quarter.
% Institutional Ownership and  % change (+/-) from the previous Quarter
# of Buyers/Sellers with number gain/loss.
# of Institutions where the Stock is in their Top 10 Holdings

Note the Deadline for the Q1 2018 Report.

While the # of Buyers grew by 231 in Q4 2017, the number of Sellers outweighing buyers was enough to give this compenent a Red Score.
The # of Institutions holding AAPL grew enough to have a Green Score.

Clicking on “Detail” provides information on the last 20 Quarters.   The information is layered allowing you to research ownership data further by Institution or Stock.  You can further filter the ownership by those who added, reduced, dropped, unchanged etc.  View holdings as a $ value or as a % of the Institutions’ portfolios.