Intraday Trade Finder Scan Updates (Premium Desktop Feature)

Trade Finder Scans are updated every 30 minutes during Market Hours on the Premium Platform.  That’s 12 more times than the Standard Platform version, which updates once after the Market opens.

Trade Finder Scans are easily identified with a Rocket Icon in the upper left corner of the Scan box.

Strategy Template

A Strategy Template provides a shortcut to quickly create an option strategy, virtually eliminating structure errors.  Once selected, you can modify the structure within the template using the tools on above the option tables:  Moving Strikes up/down, rolling Time out/in, widening or narrowing Strikes.

Some strategies can be changed from all Calls to all Puts (and vice-versa).

 Note:  The templates will not allow you to exceed certain parameters, as attempting to do so would result in an invalid strategy.  This is a built-in safety net and you would receive a notice similar to:

Storyboard of the Strategy

We also display a storyboard-like view of the selected strategy.  It is a combination of chart, risk graph, and performance channel constructed within one panel.

This storyboard gives you the full picture of the position:  The Structure,  Performance Channels and Calculations.


Designed to provide the level of information you want

As much information you want. When you want it.

Each of our scoring algorithms are derived from several factors, all captured in a user-friendly format.

The stock dashboard provides a more detail summary layer view of The Score. Each component: Technical, Inner Circle, Valuation and Fundamentals allows you the ability to obtain the information you want, when you want it – and kept tucked away, when you don’t.

The Dashboard Scan Tab

Get the current ‘story’ on a stock.

The  Scan Tab is particularly interesting. In addition to providing a list of scans the stock is currently included in, it can give you a “story” about the stock.  Based on the scans that the stock is showing up in, you can get an overview of outlook on the stock.

For example: JNJ shows solid longer term positive outlook.
XOM Shows stagnant with improving longer term outlook

Performance Channels

Performance Channels can assist in visual analysis across both the P/L Graph and the Chart.

  • Dark Green – Stock movement affects gain
  • Light Green – At maximum gain
  • Dark Red – Stock movement affects loss
  • Light Red – At maximum loss

The width of the channel on the chart represents the timeframe of the trade.  If options expire in 30 days, the channel will display back 30 days on the chart.  This give a visual reference for the time frame of the trade.

Note:  Channels are displayed based on expiration of the trade.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  Performance channel date orientation is for reference only.

Earnings, Dividends and more...

The far right, lower box in Research provides the following:

Earnings Tab:  Get Earnings date, number of business days until announcement, Estimated and Actual Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) EPS, and link to the prior 12 Quarter Earnings details.

Dividend Tab:  Get Yield, Amount,  Payout Ratio (dividend/EPS), the Ex-Dividend Date (deadline to complete a stock purchase to be entitled to dividends),  Payout information, Frequency and link to the prior 12 Quarter Dividends.

Scans Tab: Quickly view how many & which scans the stock symbol appears on.

Index Tab: Lists the symbol and indices name(s) on which this stock appears.

Split Date:  Provides most recent Split Date, Detail and a link to view Split History


Chart Navigation

Hovering the cursor over the icons will display it’s function.
In the upper right of the Chart screen, you can select which Chart Profile to research from the drop-down box, then save or delete the profile.


The next set of icons immediately below this gives more charting capabilities: Increase/Decrease price ranges, Reset price range, Hide/Show Navigation Bar, Move the date Back/Forward, Export/Print Chart

Other features include the Navigation Bar (below the chart).  The shaded area corresponds to the chart time period.  Slide one or both tabs of the bar to adjust the time period covered.

The “Hide/Show” button near the top-right of the screen will collapse the Indicator Detail area above the chart.

Chain Views

Different views are available for options such as Calls + Puts,  Calls only or Puts only.  Select from the drop-down box  or  toggle the screen using the arrows   in the chain header.

In addition, there are over 20 strategy templates on the Options tab.