Enabling Notifications

Below is a general guide to enabling Notifications on your Desktop/Laptop and Mobile devices.

Please note:  Settings/Configurations vary by device.  It is important for you to be familiar with your system/device.   When in doubt, refer to the Help function on your computer/phone.  An internet search of ‘How do I…” for your device is also helpful. 


  • Open the Apple Menu
  • Select System Preferences
  • Select Notifications
  • Select Browser

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock Icon in the browser bar to check status of/enable notifications.

Customize how you want Notifications to display.

  • Allow from Browser
  • Banners or Alerts
  • Allow Sound
  • Sort functions  – how often, when, what, etc.


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notification>App>Customize


  • Click the Windows Icon to access PC Menu
  • Select Settings>System
  • Select “Privacy & Security” on the next window
  • Under “Notifications”, select either “Allow” or “Ask”

Hint:  While on the platform, click on the Lock icon in the browser to check the Notification status


Follow illustrations:  Settings>Notifications>Apps>Customize/Manage

Select Background Theme

The Tabs on the Journal are Color Coded for Easy Understanding of the Trade

Primary Tab Color Coding   (see below for expiration tab coding)

Note: Journal Tabs are automatically updated when you login to that account (Live) or simply select a Virtual or Manual Account.  Orders/Trades are updated as far back as two months.

Light Blue

Active Live Order
This indicates that you have a current live order

Dark Blue

Trade – Open
This indicates the opening transaction of a trade


Expired Order
This can be from a order that you canceled, or a day order that did not get filled


Closed Trade – Profit
This indicates a trade that you closed for a profit


Closed Trade – Loss
This indicated a trade that you closed for a loss


Closed Trade – Unmatched – Profitability not yet determined
You close a trade that the system could not automatically match


Unmatched Trades can happen if there are multiple trades and an entry trade needs to be identified or because a multi-leg trade was split on exit, or change of stock position when an option expired (exercise/assignment)

This is easily matched by clicking the edit icon (pencil) and selected which open order to match to.  In some cases there may only be one, and it is simply a verification.

Expiration Tab/Tagging Colors

Red or Green with No Color Tagging

This indicated the option trade expired Out of the Money (OTM)
There were no options exercised or assigned through expiration

Red or Green with Dark Green Color Tag

This indicated that there were ITM options exercised/assigned
However, there was no change is stock ownership.  Example: Bull Call where both legs were exercised/assigned.

Red or Green with Yellow Color Tag

This indicates a change in stock ownership through exercise/assignment
This will happen with single leg options trade or where one leg of a spread was ITM at expiration

It is important to reconcile expired traded to properly display profit. If there are unreconciled expired options, the reconciliation window will automatically display when you go to the options tab.

Click Here for more on Reconciliation

Streaming Available in the Platform

Real Time Streaming Available

Real Time Streaming Data is available in the platform.
This will provide real time quotes with streaming updates.

Through our data partner, Quote Media, you can add real time streaming data.
There is a small cost associated with streaming.
The special introductory rate is $10 plus exchange fees, per month.

Exchange fees are currently $6.75 and include NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OPRA (options), Dow Indicies.

How to Activate Real Time Streaming Data

  1. Select Activate Streaming from your user menu in the header.
  2. Enroll in streaming on the following pages.
  3. Once enrolled, return to the platform and click Start Streaming.


Special Notice:

Streaming data provided by Quote Media and through your exchange agreements.  Your agreement for streaming data is with Quote Media and you will be charged by Quote Media for this service.
Please note that streaming data is prepaid and is not refundable.  Your initial Streamer Subscription will prorated for the balance of the month.  However, exchange fees are not prorated and will be payable upon registration.
This Introductory Rate is for available for a limited time and may be withdrawn with/without prior notice. However, your rate will remain at the introductory rate.
Exchange and Real Time Fees are subject to change.  Rate changes will be posted  30  days prior to effective date.  User agrees to these fees as indicated above.
You can cancel any time by selecting Cancel Streamer from the user menu.

Enhanced Auto-Tagging 2017-11-09

Enhanced auto-tagging for Trade Journal released:


Our enhanced auto-tagging will identify the main options strategies and will automatically add the #tag to the Trade Journal.  This includes identification of trades executed through the Options Chain as well as the Strategy Templates.

As part of our release process, we have tagged past trades for you.

Types of Auto-Tagging:

Identified Strategies #strategyName,
if the trade was an adjustment #adjustment,
if the close was through options expiration #expiration.
if the trade can from a scan, the scan name is also tagged.

What you should know:

If you wish to remove a tag, simply edit the Journal entry and remove the tag at the bottom by clicking the x next to the tag.

Tagging trades greatly enhances the value of your Journal Analytics.  This will track your profitability by each tag.  Future releases will further take advantage of tagging of trades for more in-depth reporting

Market - The Big Picture

Start here for the overall outlook.

Designed to show what the overall markets are doing by viewing the graphs, charts and maps.  You can change the time frame to check trends, use the maps on the right side of the page for a picture of sectors in relation to the market.  Even drill down to industry within the sector and more.

Options Navigation

Expirations are displayed above the Option Table.

Select the months to view by clicking on the appropriate box.  All available dates are displayed. Remember, the further out the option expiration is, the fewer dates are available.

Toggle between Calls Only or Puts Only view.

Change Option Table views to Pricing, Value, Greeks, Trade or new Custom views you create to suit your needs.

The small tab on the left side of the table will collapse the stock summary box & widen the option table.

The scroll bar on the right side and slide bars at the bottom on the table offer additional navigation.

The Power of "The Score"

Our Proprietary Scoring System: Technical Analysis, Inner Circle, Valuation, and Fundamentals.

Designed with your workflow in mind and to give you the level of information you want, while keeping it out of the way when you don’t.
The order of The Score is based on the speed at which the stock is affected: Technicals being the fastest, and Fundamentals the slowest.  For example, a very short term trader may not put as much weight on Fundamentals as with the Chart. However, as an actively managing investor, Fundamentals will be more influential on your trades.

Overview of Scans

Want some ideas to take advantage of market conditions? This is the place to find Stock and Option opportunities based on bullish, bearish and stagnant outlook.

Choose from dozens of scans based on events or components of “The Score”: Fundamentals, Valuation, Technical & Inner Circle.  

Ideas and Features offer even more opportunities.

The [i] icon provides a short explanation of the strategy.
Best of all, you are able to keep your favorites all in one place by ‘starring’ it for future use.

The Top 4 Categories

The names may be different, but the scans remain the same! 

Feature – Your favorite and our highlighted scans, including scans related to The Score.

Ideas – Scans for general ideas including Dividends, Money Flow, Volatility, Earnings and more.

Outlook – For Bearish, Bullish and Stagnant outlook conditions.

Strategy – Over 20 strategy-specific scans including Bull Put, Bear Call, Iron Condor and more.

Technical Analysis

Technicals: The fastest indicators of The Score

In Technical Score, 3 primary categories of studies are evaluated – MACD, RSI, Momentum.

Momentum is made up of 4 different trend analysis timelines.
5 = Stock over the 5 day moving average
15 = Stock over the 15 day moving average
5/21 = 5 day moving average over the 21 day moving average
15/50 = 15 day moving average over the 5o day moving average

Note: Momentum indication is from fastest to slowest.  This can be helpful in determining your time-frame/outlook for the appropriate strategies.

By clicking on the Technical Score Icon anywhere in the platform, you’ll be taken to the Chart Tab under Research for that Company/Symbol.

Go to Charts for more in-depth information.