Enhanced auto-tagging for Trade Journal released:


Our enhanced auto-tagging will identify the main options strategies and will automatically add the #tag to the Trade Journal.  This includes identification of trades executed through the Options Chain as well as the Strategy Templates.

As part of our release process, we have tagged past trades for you.

Types of Auto-Tagging:

Identified Strategies #strategyName,
if the trade was an adjustment #adjustment,
if the close was through options expiration #expiration.
if the trade can from a scan, the scan name is also tagged.

What you should know:

If you wish to remove a tag, simply edit the Journal entry and remove the tag at the bottom by clicking the x next to the tag.

Tagging trades greatly enhances the value of your Journal Analytics.  This will track your profitability by each tag.  Future releases will further take advantage of tagging of trades for more in-depth reporting