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Top Level Navigation

Designed so trading workflow makes sense. Home provides an overview of the current market from charts to maps and customize [...]
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Score Navigation

There’s more than one way to get the information you want. Anywhere you see a Score Icon, you can navigate [...]
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Icon Navigation

More than a picture, icons will help guide you through the trading process. This graphic shows the function of some [...]
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Chart Navigation

Hovering the cursor over the icons will display it’s function. In the upper right of the Chart screen, you can [...]
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Brokerage Access

Trade directly with select Brokers. The Broker menu is located in the lower left corner of the screen and is [...]
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Journal Navigation

It’s easy to look up trades.  Choose from Stock symbols, tags used (ex:  #bullCall, #longStraddle), Notes containing certain words or [...]
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Navigation Tips

Getting around is easy and intuitive. Here are some hints to help you get around even faster. Watch Video (8:52)
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Other Navigation

Icons = Navigation The Action (Arrow) icon will provide different actions depending on where you are in the platform.  For [...]
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